Leadership and Development Department

Leadership Development Department

The program aims at reproducing Christ like leaders.

Objectives of the leadership development program are:

  • Preach the gospel to young people
  • Develop God fearing leaders
  • Improve character of the leaders
  • Grow leaders who will develop other leaders
  • Develop leaders who are living exemplary lives
  1. Leadership Training Program

The program provides leadership training and development to youth in schools, communities and churches. The core training courses are evangelism, leadership development, life skills, character growth and discipleship. We are passionate about growing godly leaders who will positively transform our communities.

Activities include:

  • Leadership talks in schools
  • Prefects training in schools
  • Community and church training
  • Young Leaders training at YFCU offices

Personal experiences


My life has been tremendously transformed through the young leaders program. I have acquired and applied leadership skills in my life by serving others, improving my personal reading and learning skills, communication skills through public speeches and training’s in various schools and churches. Secondly, I have experienced a revolution in my spiritual relationship with God through the ongoing devotions with the team members. I am really blessed beyond measure by the leadership and discipleship reproducers program at Youth for Christ Uganda.


I take this opportunity to thank God, partners and the staff of Youth for Christ Uganda. Since we began the leadership and Discipleship training here in Idudi-Iganga district, my life has been impacted. The training has helped me discover that leadership begins with leading myself which is self-leadership before leading others. As I grow as a leader, I have also been challenged to build trust, value people, live a life of integrity and good character. I am going to be a leader who makes a difference in the lives of others.

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